We are so glad that our students can attend a school where they are challenged to do their best for the glory of God. They are preparing to live a life that matters. The teachers reinforce what we teach at home and demonstrate the right balance of truth and grace.–Parents of 3

We feel the decision to enroll our son in FBCA was a pivotal moment not only in his education but his Christian walk as well and it is a decision we will never regret. The teachers and other staff at Faith Baptist Christian Academy have shown him godly examples of love, faithfulness, and diligence. In addition to strengthening him academically, this school has strengthened him spiritually and socially using a bible-centered curriculum, sports, and other activities. We are very thankful the Lord led us to have our son complete his high school years at FBCA!–Parents of High School Student

It is a Blessing to have our children attend FBCA. The teachers and staff are a testimony of the superiority in Christian education that the school provides. We are about to enroll our third child and I couldn't imagine our children attending any other school.–Parents of Elementary Students